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WorldWide Diagnostic System(WDS) User Guide

  • The WDS user guide is available on the WDS software under the system utilities tab.
  • The WDS is a tool designed to diagnose faults in electrical and electronic systems on Ford vehicles.
  • This system combines the best features of all diagnostic tools previously used by Ford Motor Company such as Ford Diagnostic System (FDS) 2000, New Generation Star Tester (NGS) or Service Bay Diagnostic System (SBDS). In addition, WDS can diagnose faults that could not be diagnosed with the earlier tools.
  • WDS covers all vehicles from the 1996 model year onward*.
  • It is important to have knowledge and experience in vehicle diagnostics when working with the WDS tester.
  • The WDS uses information provided from a CD-ROM, which contains all the required vehicle information and required diagnostic routines to aid the technician in identifying vehicle concerns.
  • The CD-ROM is updated periodically with new and/or enhanced diagnostic procedures and vehicle information.
  • Once the CD-ROM has been loaded on the Portable Test Unit (PTU), the PTU retains this information on the hard drive until the next CD-ROM update.
  • The CD-ROM is part of the subscription included with initial purchase.

NOTE: Be sure to remove the CD-ROM from the drive after the CD has finished loading.

NOTE: The information contained in this publication was correct at the time of printing. Changes to the scope of WDS vehicle coverage and diagnostic requirements is an on-going effort to provide the best possible test equipment, therefore, information contained within this manual may change at any time.

*New model years may include up to MY 2006.


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