Using Stars 2  
Using STARS 2



In the US you have a few ways to access STARS2. One way to access STARS2 is from links at FMCDealer

To access FMCDealer you will need your personal WSLx ID.

If you do not have a personal WSLx ID or have forgotten your password, please phone the DSA (Dealer Self Administration) Help Desk at (800)790-HELP. Once you have sucessfully authenticated using your WSLx ID, you will arrive at the FMCDealer homepage.

From the FMCDealer homepage you may select the My Training or STARS2 link.

From the My Training homepage you can select the STARS2 link located as shown above to begin your STARS2 session.

Another path you can take to access the STARS2 web application is from the Professional Technician society (PTS) homepage

You will find the link to the STARS2 application in the left side navigation menu near the bottom.

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